Ideas for a composition reminder

when you have several transcriptions, you don’t always work on one and then when you’re done, you move on to another score.
Usually, it can happen to transcribe several scores at the same time.
Would it be possible to add a space where you could write various annotations?
For example, “In this piece I need to double-check the last few bars,” or "I need to remember to … ".
Here, a reminder related to that particular composition so that you don’t have to write down in an agenda what you are doing or will have to do.
I think it should be placed in the Hub at each score image.

I hope I’ve made that clear.
For example, it could look like this.


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It seems that the comments feature might work for you.

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I just use SHIFT + X for this, perhaps using a border, boldface, or color to call it to my attention. Such text boxes are easy enough to delete once they are no longer necessary.

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Thank you for your response.
This function is activated once you have entered the score, but I would like it to still be at the time of opening the Hub in Dorico.

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Comments are great for this! I use them all the time when transcribing. Anytime I hear something tricky, or need to double-check, finish, etc., I just drop a comment. Here’s a sample from a “little big band” transcription I just finished, where you can see I’ve dropped several comments.

I’m not sure how this could work in the Hub, but you can always just save it under a different name with a reminder:

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Yes, in my work the comments serve as a reminder to then bring them all together and put them in the Critical Notes, but that is not the function I need.
Thank you…

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If you use a text frame on the first page you could see it there (though small) in the hub’s preview, and remove later.

I think there is much untapped potential in Dorico’s project info. Would be awesome to search or filter scores by it, extract it to populate meta data when exporting - basically engaging that feature more in our workflow


I agree 100%. I’d also really like some hierarchy on the hub (eg) to group scores in categories…

Maybe there could be an option (checkbox) on each comment that would cause high-priority comments to appear in a flash screen whenever the project is opened.

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