Ideas for CPU heavy projects

First post here, so not sure im posting this correct.

I have a studio and create a lot of songs, and record a lot of artists. Usually the process of writing music and the process of mixing is very blended together today. If you do most of the recording digitally this usually ends up with Cubase projects eating a lot of CPU. Sometimes when, say, the song is 90% complete you realise you have to throw in some more harmonics in the chorus. To be able to do this well you have to keep the latency low (and the buffersize to a minimum) which might result in that the project cant even handle the playback due to a stressed CPU.

I usually solve this by exporting a Wave of the whole song, creating a new project, do the recording there, export the new recording, and import it back in the first project. I know im able to freeze tracks and all that, but it just feels that freezing maybe 50 individual tracks and the unfreezing them is a whole lot more time demanding.

How do you guys handle this?

Wouldn’t it be nice with a feature like “freeze project”, creating a bounced wave with the whole song and deactivating the project (but still leave it open), leaving you with the choice to create new tracks in the same project that you can record to, and when you are done just “unfreeze project” and boom, there you go.
The steps 1. export wave, and 2. deactivate/activate project, would be much faster then either freezing tracks individually or creating a new project for recording.

I assume you meant harmonies in the chorus?

Monitor outside of cubase using your audio interface if the backing vocalist needs to hear themselves. Audio interfaces quite often have DSP these days so you can add reverb etc.

This function, if I understand you correctly, already exists within the Render In Place feature (plus maybe a macro).

Not at my PC at the moment so can’t tell you the exact menu items but essentially you just select all your tracks, go to the RIP function and you can set it up to mix everything down to a stereo file which goes into the song’s audio-pool. I can’t remember if it automatically disables and hides all the existing tracks or if I added that to a macro but it can be done!

You get your CPU back and everything is hidden but still available if you want to go back and edit. RIP is so much more powerful than freezing!

Thanks for the fast replies!!

Yes, harmonies of course, english is, as you probably can tell, not my first language.

Just checked out RIP, and thats exactly what i was looking for. Comes with the option to automatically disable the tracks as well.
You made my life easier and wallet a bit thinner, thanks a lot, haha! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, glad it was what you wanted!