Ideas for creating slight tempo variations?

If you take a freely recorded piece of music, even something that sounds super tight, and detect the tempo the resulting Tempo Track ends up having a huge number of Tempo Events jumping up & down around the average tempo.

I wanted to try to replicate this moment by moment tempo variation on music hand entered on the grid to a fixed tempo. I started by using the Brush Tool to generate a bunch of Tempo Events. Then selected them all and set them all to 130 bpm via the Info Line. My intention was to use the Project Logical Editor to set them all to relative random values close to 130. This is similar to using the MIDI Logical Editor to vary note velocities.

While it was easy enough to target the Tempo Events (Media Type is - Equal - Tempo) there doesn’t seem to be any Action available to change the value of those events. The only thing I was able to change was the Position.

Anybody have ideas on how to approach this? I think being able to introduce tempo variations could do a lot to help humanize a piece.

Until someone comes along with a PLE solution:

You could do the paint Brushing note entry into any old empty project that already has some variation in the tempo track. Then save it as a new project, and flatten the tempo track as much as you like (you can select all the tempo points and drag down on the smart spot to “compress” the tempo variation as close to flat as you like).

I think that will transfer the tempo variation of the original tempo track to the notes, and it certainly will be random.