Ideas for Cubase 13 pro

Hi there,…
New ideas for Cubase?
I would like to know if it is possible in the future to build something into Cubase that would allow me to influence the tempo of a piece of music during the mixing phase with a simple slide potentiometer. For example, by letting the tempo track learn with Midi CC which potentiometer is used for this. Other than having to put large amounts of “marks” for every small change in tempo. That is certainly very welcome for orchestral music.
Another point I would like to make is whether it is possible to insert bars in a piece of music, such as in Excel with lines and columns, without having to move entire pieces.
Maybe something is already possible and I know something about it.

I don’t know if 13 still has this, but they used to have a knob or fader that you could use to adjust the Tempo while listening to the piece. Except it was pretty useless because it didn’t change the Tempo of what you were hearing in realtime. Instead it wrote the Tempo data to the Tempo Track and you’d hear the results on the next playback - meaning all your tempo adjustments are basically guesses. If this worked so you could hear the results as the changes got made, it would do what you want.

I vote for this!

I did try to workaround it, but the result was not as good as I originally imagined, talking about the real-time aspect.

Here’s a small video of my trial, using the midi remote, there’s no sound, but we can see the interruptions, which make the whole process weird :frowning:

If this did work properly it would kind of be like conducting a Project.

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That was my aim, but the audioEngine simply refused to follow… :frowning: