Ideas for Cubase 9

Import “any” kind of track from another project and have the “session start” associate bars instead of time (code). Maybe even the option to put all audio in musical mode?

The ability to have midi track prefs so some midi tracks could (as they do currently) contain data related to their plugin destination and some (hopefully in the future) would not if prefered.

Control of the bottom (beginning and ending) of a fade on a audio event. Instead of always fading in from 0, perhaps 10, or 20?


Make it Great!!

Mixer key commands would be more useful if the mixer windows did not have to be the top window.

return the mix always ahead

Remove the dependency on QuickTime and make it possible to export only the section of video between the markers with replaced audio!

Ability to invert the envelope!

Might be possible already but I’d like to see a stock volume shaper.

Search Menu for logic editor presets.

All controller automation data editable in project window like Adobe programs do.

Visual metronome with a variety of built-in in percussion loops for every tempo and time signature + support for multiple time signatures at the same time (polyrhythms).

Or just fix the metronome in the first place: User defined beat values: Grid,Compound time,odd meter,Click

Fades and Cross fades in one window that will float (always on top) and address any selected audio event

search menu for logical editor

search for logical editor presets is what I mean similar to how you improved the midi track outputs recently, and plug in searches.

insert presets have folders that I can save them to but when I “load” them there is only filters that do not apply at all. Location tree would be nice.

export selected tracks as new project.

Fix the Expression Map so you can view all lanes for every VSL Matrix, (Include scroll bar for lanes outside the viewing area). Allow us to drag parts in the Expression lanes and use arrows to move articulations from one lane to another lane.

Just give us the damn built-in Sampler :confused:
There is no need to add a sampler that completely challenges Halion, but a built in sampler with simple/easy to use features would be awesome. There is no reason not to look at Simpler from Ableton. Something like that would be more than enough!

8.5 was probably the most disappointing update for a long time. 9.0 needs to be more interesting…

You really ought to try using Groove Agent SE4. What exactly about it do you not like? It’s perfect to me.

How about having a window open with all your inserts on a channel in the order that they are routed… so you don’t have to keep opening each individual plug in for that channel and then close them all again.

There are plenty of simple samplers for free on the NET and good ones to, so please do not waiste time with this instead work on greater stability, also the standard GA SE does sampling, so what’s the problem?

Plugin thumbnails in plugin lists to better visualize which plugins are what!
Thumb can be generated on scan based on either producers logo or a screenshoot of the actual plug.