Ideas for Cubase 9

Expression Maps Setup
search function for this list and or list them alphabetically please.

From the load channel preset menu. copy and paste please

Supply a Purge project track(s) function, in Visibility Tab, to optionally purge all sample headers (except for the ones used for the track notes playback)_ for all nominated tracks - - i.e. except the tracks that you nominate.

Currently we can only do this in some VSTs, and it’s way too easy to miss especially in Huge templates.

This would save huge amounts of RAM

Add MusicXML Import / Export to the Artist version. It seems to be missing now.

I would like to see folder tracks work the same in the mix window,where a click would open up the folder tracks inside.Also an option to add a group or VCA fader to this. Also the ability to monitor live and listen to an already recorded track at the same time while tracking.

My beta tester friends say you are getting this in 9

This is definitely cool, but even as a fairly new user, what I really want is for Cubase to be upgraded and fixed in these key ways:

Have your beta tester friends said anything about a ASIO engine overhaul (for more competitive CPU usage, which is what I miss most from my Pro Tools days), bezier curves, and fixes/refinements of general GUI problems and inconsistencies that have been around in some cases for years (from what I’ve read here!)? :smiley:

I would really love to be able to drag and drop audio files straight from my browser, into my project. That would be amazing. Please :slight_smile:

Kind of off topic but I noticed that a certain retailer is offering a grace period update to Cubase 9. That makes me think it will be coming out fairly soon.

Does anyone have an idea of the release date?

How about letting us show first volume automation lane on top of the audio file instead of having to have a separate lane open just to mix volumes?

Been requesting this for years…S1, Logic, DP all allow this…c’mon folks, this is an easy one.

Here is my wishlist:

Undo and redo for mixconsole
Render in place mono
64 bit processor support
No more group and FX channels, just buses
Improve variaudio
Always on top for all windows
Record a track from another track (print)
To be able to change the plugin names
A gain knob after equalizer
To be able to change track control settings of all types of tracks
Create a panel for linked channels and throw away that stuff over pan control!
A smaller pan control: C over control
Recording loop selection on consecutive tracks (ideal for back vocals)
Fullscreen for mixconsole and project window
A more fit GUI (the font of name of tracks is too thick)
Support Apple lossless
Phase meter in Control Room (now please)
Mono button for stereo tracks
Mono button for Control Room
To be able to filter mediabay by attribute in rack
All pass filters after channel inserts

I am waiting a big release in December! Cheers.

  1. Dockable transport section at the bottom of the project window.
  2. Option to replace channel eq with 3rd party plug-in.
  3. Possibility to reorder mixer channels freely.
  4. Option to have midi tracks keep their target vst rack slot when switching between different vst instruments.
  5. Alias names for VST plug-ins.
  6. Ableton link.

In order of importance:

Automation overhaul

  1. Bezier curves for automation, properly implemented like in FL Studio (tension points, multiple shapes)
  2. Sample accurate automation

Window handling
3. [Windows] No white flash when opening a new window (Hack: Hide the window until it is drawn)
4. Horizontal + vertical docking like in Wavelab

That’s a great idea. Although I’d rather just be able to drag and edit the curve of the fade like you can with just about every other DAW. Crossfade editors are nice and all. Manually editing the crossfade is better IMHO.

But for a compromise to your point, do you have a key command assigned to the fade editor? It’ll work for the crossfade editor as well. It’s an extra click or two to close the current fade editor before selecting a new event and reopening the fade editor, but it’s not really that bad.

SENDS - It would be nice to have a optional skin for the “Sends” section in the Inspector View, Edit Track View & Mixer. Instead of sliders it would be nice to have Knobs.

Again for the Sends section, some kind of GUI for Pre & Post Fader instead of it being hidden in right click menu would be nice.

MIDI Event Editor (Piano Roll) - have temporary position locators that follow mouse selection to help with quicker copy & pasting of desired sections in desired intervals like in Ableton.

MONO Tracks - a pre-setup mono bus routing should come as default so the user has a option in inputs and outputs, even better have a mono button on tracks if possible.

Automation - Curved automation without needing to use the parabola tool

Inserts- Allow more than 8 inserts per track

The rest is stability & GUI polish.

Replace Score Editor with a junior version of Dorico.

I mainly use Cubase for recording bands and solo singers, one of the things to change is to be able to de activate loop region whilst recording…nothing worse when you don’t realise the loop is on and the track starts from beginning mid song!! some strange looks come from the vocal room! :unamused:

also on live drums, if played to a click track auto align would be awesome rather than edit hit points etc etc.

one last one… A lot of people are asking for the Vocal align, for backing vocals to sync with Lead vocals, that would be brilliant, That would be an actual time and work saving feature… :ugeek:

I would like for SB to expand on the possibility of ‘hijacking multi-channel formats for use of multi-tracking instruments.’
For example recording guitar/vocal using 5:1 surround but used for ease of editing for different sources…
With guitar I could record, all in one multi-channel .wav guitar, DI, multi-mic, rack, etc.
I’m not too sure really how many people are doing stuff like that but I find it works good because of the non-destructive nature. Also I do this with just stereo regularly, and for various sounds/mixes/fx.
What is needed is just a improved way to route and mix the resultant ‘channels’, because they won’t be used in the classical or intended sense of the channel formats. The channel is no longer panned L/R and probably going to want different effect chains per channel, all wrapped into one track with multiple output/mixing possibilities.

True-dat. As well, when Arranger mode is activated and when the the position jumps the recording stops.


Multi edit midi tracks!!Multi edit midi tracks!!