Ideas for Cubase 9

Replace Score Editor with a junior version of Dorico.

I mainly use Cubase for recording bands and solo singers, one of the things to change is to be able to de activate loop region whilst recording…nothing worse when you don’t realise the loop is on and the track starts from beginning mid song!! some strange looks come from the vocal room! :unamused:

also on live drums, if played to a click track auto align would be awesome rather than edit hit points etc etc.

one last one… A lot of people are asking for the Vocal align, for backing vocals to sync with Lead vocals, that would be brilliant, That would be an actual time and work saving feature… :ugeek:

I would like for SB to expand on the possibility of ‘hijacking multi-channel formats for use of multi-tracking instruments.’
For example recording guitar/vocal using 5:1 surround but used for ease of editing for different sources…
With guitar I could record, all in one multi-channel .wav guitar, DI, multi-mic, rack, etc.
I’m not too sure really how many people are doing stuff like that but I find it works good because of the non-destructive nature. Also I do this with just stereo regularly, and for various sounds/mixes/fx.
What is needed is just a improved way to route and mix the resultant ‘channels’, because they won’t be used in the classical or intended sense of the channel formats. The channel is no longer panned L/R and probably going to want different effect chains per channel, all wrapped into one track with multiple output/mixing possibilities.

True-dat. As well, when Arranger mode is activated and when the the position jumps the recording stops.


Multi edit midi tracks!!Multi edit midi tracks!!