Ideas for how to use an old iPad1 with Cubase 6? (Win7)

I have a Windows 7 PC running Cubase 6. I also have a few Steinberg CMC controllers (the TP, CH, and AI, but not the FD or PD as I thought those didn’t seem that compelling). In general I’m really happy with my setup.

However, my wife’s old iPad 1 is sitting unused as she’s upgraded both the kids’ and her’s to the latest and greatest.

So I’m thinking of taking the old iPod 1 and hooking it up to my DAW and using it for… something??

Ok, so I do own Omnisphere, and I’ll get the Omni app with the orb, but while that’s fun, it’s not really mission critical for my workflow. I believe TouchOSC has moved over to an Apple MIDI standard, so I’m not sure if that’s an option. But I have to imagine having a touch screen connected to my DAW could be a convenient addition.

In addition to core Cubase functionality, here are some VSTis I use regularly:

  • Omnisphere
  • Trillian
  • Geist
  • Tremor
  • Kontakt

Thanks for your thoughts!

Aloha l,
There are a couple of iPad threads in the lounge recently.
They may (or may not) help you with an approach or two.

Good luck.


Interesting. It looks like Lemur + ArtsUNMUTED is the only one really custom built for Cubase. And from what I can see on my iPhone while watching the kids play in the beach it only has a single fader as opposed to a full mixer. And those that have a full mixer are Mackie emulators that are more generic.

What I would love is something that basically replicates the full on-screen mixer (with the ability to pull up the extended view with a swipe up to show plugin inserts and sends above the faders), except with well-integrated touch on a secondary screen instead of a mouse. Instead all Steinberg has provided so far is transport control and I have the CMC-TP for that.

Maybe I have to wait for Win8 for such a feature.

Meanwhile I’ll have to decide if $100 for the lemur + ArtsUNMUTED bundle is a value.

Well I looked at the ArtsUNMUTED videos after I found a shady spot under a tree near the beach :wink:

Definitely NOT what I’m looking for. Largely a bunch of buttons that I would likely just use the keyboard for. I guess that saves me up to $100.

How about this? →

for Omnisphere (a “must have” & free !) : Spectrasonics News - Omni TR - iPad Touch Remote for Omnisphere

and for Cubase : Lemur is so great & you can build what you want (Mackie Control or Just Generique Remote & Shorduts etc… & use it in the same time) : Liine

I buy AC7 / V Control Pro / DAW Remote HD / Touch OSC) & for Me Lemur is The Best cause it’s “open” you can build what you want & have some nice templates (free or not) like QB from artsUNmuted (buy it too)

I am curious about V-control pro because the videos show working level meters along with the faders. I haven’t seen any other control surface app that shows that. However I’m a little nervous that feature only works with protools. I know that v-control uses the mackie protocol, just like lemur and the lemur-based control surfaces don’t show level meters. Does the mackie protocol provide level readout?

I’m going to try v-control free as soon as I get a free moment.

EDIT: they have a specific cubase video on youtube they link from their website that shows the levels. I haven’t seen this at all on Lemur. I’m going to try V Control Free for a bit but I think this may be the one.

IMO, V-Control is the best one of all at this moment. That Cubase/Nuendo video also sold me on it (though I was already sold by the plugin control feature :stuck_out_tongue:). Technology is so awesome!!!

Jose: Have you noticed any performance degradaition from having the nyfi app installed? I’m doing a full system backup before I install Apple’s Bonjour and nyfi.

V-control looks very good.

Anyone used both v-control and Daw Remote HD to see how they compare, Daw Remote HD is £10.49 compared to v-controls £34.99.

Would be interesting to see comparisons of them both in general Cubase usage. I’ve learnt in the past that just because something is three times the price, it doesn’t always mean its better/easier to use.


Not on my system, and I’ve been using V-Control Free (which also uses Nyfi and Bonjour) since January. Actually, I just pulled the trigger and bought the Pro version. Loving the V-Window and the Soft Key feature (though I wished they had more of these available). Right now I have them set to open up the Edit window and the Instrument property page of the selected track. I can even load samples into PLAY from it, which means I can try out different patches without having to go back and forth between my MIDI controller and QWERTY keyboard. Just amazing!

Just a heads up, Lights. As of this posting, the numeric values shown in the video are not yet available in the current version of V-Control. Notice that the version shown there is v. (you’ll see the version number being displayed in the Settings window at ~8:57 mins into it), while the current version is v.1.5.1.

I’m a bit disappointed at this since the very reason why I pulled the trigger and got it now was because of the numeric value finally being added to the Cubase mixer in V-Control. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a great app, and the V-Window is awesome, but I feel they couldn’t made clear that this features shown in the video was still not available in the current version of V-Control as of it’s posting on YouTube. That’s what annotations are for after all.

Another thing I noticed is that double-tapping on the faders doesn’t reset them to absolute 0dB. Instead, they go to 0.06 dB in V-Control Pro v.1.5.1. This is NOT the case in the version shown in the video (see ~ 2:20 mins into it). I’ve posted about this in the Neyrink forums. I should probably put a link to this thread over there. Anyway, let’s see what they say.

Take care!

When you say ‘numeric values’ what are you referring to exactly? The ability to view and edit the fader values exactly?

The feature I want most is the visual level meters and clip indicators so I don’t need to have my Cubase mixer window open redundantly. It seems silly to have a touch screen mixer and still need a mixer open on my main screen.

I’m talking about the volume numeric values found under each track’s name (above each track’s pan control). That is NOT a feature found in the current v.1.5.1 of V-Control. BTW, I don’t think you can currently edit any parameter directly, which would be a cool feature to have as well. Nevertheless, entering an exact value from within V-Control was not what I was referring to.

Hope this clears it up.