Ideas for Midi Velocity Using the iPad


I improvise and experiment with music and presently I am using the iPad as a Midi Keyboard Controller. One major problem is that the iPad is not velocity sensitive.

I have the following midi keyboard controller apps: Arp Pro, Sound Prom, Seline Ultimate and enChord.

I would like to use the Input Transformer or the Transformer to introduce some variation in the velocity. One idea is to have an alternating velocity so that a note midi event gives a 76 velocity and next 90 and 78 again and so on. How about 78, 96, 74, 82, 78 and then repeats.

How about time between notes to determine the velocity. So rapid notes playing gives a low midi velocity while a slow playing notes give a higher velocity or visa versa

What happens when a chord is played? The idea here is to be able to get velocity variation on the whole chord. So one chord sounds at velocity 79 and the next 98. In other words all the notes that make up the chord to have the same velocity.

Random velocity with being able to set the range from the low to the high velocity my give it some human feel to a piece.

Any other ideas on how to manipulate velocity using the Input Transformer or the Transformer will be appreciated. No at all knowledgeable about the limits of the Input Transformer. I have no idea how to make it happen on the Input Transformer so please help on how to fill in the Input Transformer Modules.