Ideas For The Key Editor

Here’s a few ideas.

  1. Tabs for Controller Lanes

  2. Tempo Track in Key Editor

  3. Metronome in Key Editor

  4. Glue function should keep selected note(s) selected after Gluing (This allows the option to keep Gluing without re selecting the note)

  5. Tabs for Articulation Lanes

  6. Lane Heights should always be remembered

  7. MIDI Parts should be placed left of centre or centre (This shouldn’t need a macro)

  8. Draw Tool is activated when over Articulation Lanes or Controller Lanes (optional)

  9. Note Expression Link Multiple MIDI Parts (Draw in one curve, edit Note Expression across all MIDI Parts)

  10. Note Expression data value should reflect the current value when scaling.

  11. As with Score Editor, Select articulation before drawing notes (Writing with one articulation then changing it to another is not fast)

  12. Change articulation with Key Commands (Selected notes change articulation via key command or Generic Remote)

  13. Change articulation by clicking on an Articulation Lane Tab (Selected notes change articulation via Articulation Tab)

  14. Ruler Lane along the bottom for positioning Cursor

  15. Key command for Note Expression ‘One Shot Mode’ On and Off





  1. MIDI Parts should be placed left of centre or centre (This shouldn’t need a macro)

If by this you mean more intelligent positioning when Cubase decides it needs to reposition the view (such as after leaving the initial position due to autoscrolling), I could not agree more. Nobody edits MIDI to the right of the cursor position because you will not hear it when you press play. Positioning things so that the cursor is near the right side is beyond stupid and an incredibly frustrating cause of wasted effort. Fixing has been my number one wish ever since I first started using Cubase over six years ago.

Edit: I did mean to say “Nobody edits MIDI to the left of the cursor position”. :blush:

  1. Tempo Track in Key Editor

This would be awkward - there are different Y axis units, if nothing else. However, I appreciate the desire to access both key and tempo data with little swapping fanfare. What would work IMO would be to give the tempo editor a tab and allow it to be part of the sync-views family, just as you can now sync the project view position and the key editor view position. A hot-key to swap between key and tempo editor would then be a fairly efficient proposition.