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Yes I would like a dedicated forum via facebook for Music only posts

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In the past one of the highlights of my day was coming here to forum and sharing tunes and music ideas that could be critiqued and seeking help from individuals who were sharing same platform. I am very disappointed in steinberg’s choice of removing our dedicated realty and having to fish threw so many posts to find anything that is made with music, which is generally my main interest.

I would like to throw out an idea to my fellow collaborates and see if you’d be interested in doing this! What if we made a facebook page that only allowed musical post and comments that was administered via the followers of posts

interested vote yes or no


i wondered when somebody was gonna make a noise about this new forum format ,i miss the old “made with cubase” forum. i dont know how youd make a face book page work though ,but nice try Kenny.
i think the steinberg crew should re-introduce the old forum .i cant believe that there are some surprising categorys that get their own forum and “made with cubase” ,gets dumped :unamused: .who ever made that decision is a big fat c**k

ooooo my mommy isn’t liking that language even tho’ she’s hard as iron.

Bigtime “yes”!

Some of the consolidation was a smart move, but songs scattered across the lounge makes it difficult to browse when you’re in one of those moods to just listen to other Cubaser’s tunes. I am disappointed.

BTW, no moderator poll participation… :mrgreen:

wot`s wrong with big fat cork,or in yorkshire big fartcok. :cry:

I’d like a music forum IF it were broken down into Rock, Pop and Urban (or contemporary electronic). Other forum had too many anti pop potificators applying closed minds to styles they just didnt like.

This is a funny topic. When this (new) forum first started it was confusing to some people as to where to post their music …

Historically, The [Music] was part of the lounge.

I think I like the music/lounge combination better than the separation.

Seriously? You are still on that trip? It’s all just music, man.

totally agree, made with Cubase should be back up…
regarding Mr M’s comment I think all genres of music should be in the same forum because I fing it interesting to hear comments from people who would not normally listen to my music…yeah there are some plonkers who are not capable of subjective critisism but you gotta just ignore them !!!
Mr M’s comments are always sensible and and on the money and without prejudice…along with a lot of other contributors (they know who they are) we should all be like that, diversity in music is a good thing and we should all be on the same “made with Cubase” forum…
Kenny…I’d rather have the made with cubase back than a facebook page thingy but If we have to then maybe we will…Kevin

It wouldn’t be hard to set this up, the hardest part would be monitoring it so we would just need a couple of volunteer to admin it. There would also be advantages to being in a more open setting like facebook, not only can you grant users and invite friends to participate but you may get a bit of extra exposure for your efforts (which can’t hurt anyone). We would have to invite all our Cubase forum friends to the page also to create interest. I don’t think it would be much different than local pages for club cubase etc.

If you have reasons why it may be harmful please share…I tend to be optimistic lol

I don’t do facebook :frowning:

Mr M wrote:I’d like a music forum IF it were broken down into Rock, Pop and Urban (or contemporary electronic). Other forum had too many anti pop potificators applying closed minds to styles they just didnt like.

Seriously? You are still on that trip? It’s all just music, man

Scab: your comments are really curious to me since “Its all just music” is exactly what I’m saying. If this isn’t clear let me repeat. “Its all just music” is what I’ve been saying, but some folks who visit the Made with Cubase lounge seem to be incapable of understanding that. Its seems for a few, music can only be judged in terms of what they like and not just on the merits of the music itself. Folks who don’t like house music will weigh in slamming a song just because it doesn’t have one chord change per beat or change of time sig like their fav prog rock. Folks who don’t like music written for commercial purposes (POP) will weigh in slamming a song just because its not obscure singer song writer thats moody and dark. Same with hip hop .

TO ME ,ITS ALL JUST MUSIC. Please read that again. ITS ALL JUST MUSIC is how I feel!!!

I just think the best way to move away from this and have the entire section be more inviting to more composers of varying styles ,is to have sub sections to discourage folks from weighing in who arent capable of focusing on the music rather than their personal tastes or hatreds.Maybe they’d stay out of a POP section or Urban section as their off the mark comments would be exposed as just tedious and irrelevant.

Just to be clear on this, there aren’t many styles I really dont like, but the one that comes to mind is Cambodian throat singing. If I saw a posting of this style ,I know I wouldn’t comment but instead leave commentary for folks that have an appreciation.

I hope my point is clear.

I agree that the music forum should be separate then if you don’t want to see the X factor judges at work you can just walk on by :wink:

I’m sorry about the confusion, Mr M.

Thanks for the explanation.

I rarely visited the made with cubase area when I was sober. Now I listen sober. Step in right direction.

I am all for having a dedicated place to put up Cubase music for unbiased critique, many reasons have already been given. I am not, however, a fan of it being hosted on Facebook. I would think there would be a better medium for what we would be trying to achieve? I agree with Kevin in that there was nothing wrong with the old forum page, although that probably isn’t an option anymore.
I am not the expert here but maybe we could look for another place like a free closed forum like this one, or maybe something as far out as a soundcloud group…?

Same here. i actually can’t stand facebook and any similar sites.

But i do really miss the MADE WITH MUSIC forum as i visited it frequently.

why did the steinberg people dump the forum any body know?

It was probably administratively easier for them…

i find that a bit hard to believe when there are forums dedicated to some of the steinberg vst instruments .crickey how many questions can one ask about loopmash or padshop or retrologue before you know them inside out,it can`t be that many .i think the admin guys are only are only interested in selling stuff, they can all do one .

Personally, I did like it when there was a sub-forum dedicated to just posting music.
I have noticed, since they removed it, that I don’t like fishing through the lounge to separate the music.