Ideas thread (if there's not one already)

I am starting this thread just to post ideas I have for Cubase and would love it if other people joined in as well. If there’s already a megathread for this, by all means please point the way as I didn’t see anything in search other than specific feature requests. I wonder if the mods will shut it down. Oh well.

First idea : When you bring up the context menu for a track by right clicking (on pc), there should be a MOVE TO > with menu options of : Top, Folders > List of folder tracks, Bottom. I can’t believe they have “move track to new folder”, but not the idea to move a track to a specific folder. having to move a track all the way up to the top is a nightmare and not everyone wants to make macros all day.

I look forward to hearing other ideas if anyone wants to share.

Individual feature request topics are much preferred over a “megathread”. The latter just turns into a completely worthless, chaotic mess.

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Indeed. It’s better to have alook around to see if your requests are already in a topic, and add to one, and if there isn’t one, make a new topic.

That said, I’ll close this.