ideas to make one note strikes auto spread to other notes?

lately i like to use drumsticks hits on mouse pad recorded to audio with a mic and then convert it to midi to assign to a snare or Hi-hat to Superior drummer, usually it looks like this:

then i usually manually select every other hit and move it to other snare strike(left strike) to eventually simulate left right snare strikes. and it looks like this:

is there a function or a code i can do with logical editor to do that automatically ? (sometimes i can play this snare or Hi hat for the all song and it takes lot of time)

Thanks !

O.K Just Did it… its much easier and faster now :stuck_out_tongue:

thats the code with the result if someone is interested:

That’s a great idea and a nice macro!! I’ll squirrel that one away for future use :slight_smile:

BTW, how do you convert it to midi?


here is a tutorial from clubcubase on how to make midi from monophonic audio material… from 3:30

i can use this Logical editor function in many ways i future too… just change some values in the code ! :slight_smile:

Sorry that was a wrong vid… :blush:
for drum replacement, use the hitpoint section in the sample editor, adjust it to your liking and use the" create midi notes" function in the hitpoint section menu !