Identical editing of 2 snare tracks

I’m about to start editing drums that were sent to me in multiple WAV files.
A couple of snare beats need repairing via copy and paste. The snare consists of 2 files: top mic and bottom mic on 2 separate tracks. Both would need to be pasted to identical positions.
If it was a single snare then I would probably use the Copy and Paste function in the Sample Editor, but I’m not sure the best way to copy and paste 2 separate files with absolute precision.
What would be the best procedure here?

CB pro 10.5


You can move both tracks to the Folder, then you can do the Copy & Paste tasks on the Folder level. Both (all) children of the folder will follow.

Thanks for your reply Martin.
When you say “move both tracks to the Folder”, what folder do you mean? Do you mean create a folder in project window and drop snares into it? I have tried that, but couldn’t find a way to edit simultaneously. Could you elaborate?

I can select both tracks and open them both in Sample Editor. I can see both samples when “Show all selected audio events” is activated, but I’m still unable to edit both simultaneously. Activating/deactivating “Edit active audio event only” doesn’t seem to do anything.
I have really tried to research this, but there seems to be nothing online that describes what I’m trying to achieve.
I know that I can select both events, use the split tool and copy the snares, and paste them. That somehow feels inelegant and “wrong”. Perhaps that is the only way.


Yes, I mean this.

Cut it in the Project window. Cut the Folder event, not the Audio events. This would cut all children.

Thanks Martin,
I understand that editing a folder in the project window edits everything within it. I can also select the 2 tracks and edit them simultaneously, but for some reason I had it in my head that this kind of editing is better done in Sample Editor and was looking for a way to edit the 2 tracks there. I guess I’m wrong :disappointed:
Thanks again Martin. Much appreciated