Identifying audio interfaces when using aggregate interfaces

Hi, I am new here and hopingbthat some one can assist!

I want to use 2 audio interfaces together and i have followed the instructions from various youtube films and its ok!
However how do I identify which audio interface is which when I go into the VST audio system
Im on cubase 9.5 on Mac book Pro
using Motu 828mk3 and Fireone from Tuscam


Hi and welcome on the forum,

On Mac, you can create Aggregate Device, to merge 2 Audio Devices. But officially, it’s not supported. Then you would use this Aggregate Device as your ASIO driver.

Same, in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System, you can choose the ASIO Driver (by the name). This is the way, how to say, which Audio Device are you going to use in Cubase.

Hi Martin,

The aggregate function works ok!
However it would be good to see for example
Motu 828 analog output 1
Motu analog output 2
Fire one output 1
Fire one out2put

Then you know which output you are using!
If its possible it would be good! if not its not a problem!

Thanks for the reply!
Regards James


The Aggregate Device provides the names to Cubase.

Of course, you can rename it freely in Cubase (Audio Connections).