Identifying colors of notes/text, after entering them

After colorizing some individual notes, as well as staff-attached text, via Properties, I need to go back later and identify the names of the colors I used. Somehow, this doesn’t seem possible:

  • for colorized notes, when I highlight them, their color is shown in the Properties panel,
    but with no name. And when I click on the color palette, the color I used is not highlighted.

  • for colorized text, when I highlight it, the font name + font size are listed in the context menu,
    but not the color. And same deal as above when I click on “Color” in the Properties menu.

How do I recover what colors I used?

MacOS comes with a little app called Digital Color Meter that reads the color under the cursor. I don’t know whether there is a similar utility for Windows. What system are you running?

This works for me.


I appreciate it, but this is a bit of a hack. I was hoping Dorico would remember what color is in saved notes and text. I have macOS, how does this result provide the names of the color crayons used in Dorico‘s palette, i.e. magenta, bubble gum etc.?

This might be what you are looking for when wanting to use a previously-used color. This is specifically for Mac. There might (or might not) be an equivalent capability on Windows.

When you select an item (text, notes, etc.) and then click on Color in Properties, the small Colors window opens. At the bottom on the left is a box which contains the current color. To the right of that box are two rows of smaller boxes. If you click and hold on the larger box and drag to the smaller boxes, the color will be saved in one of the smaller boxes. When you click on one of those smaller boxes, the color in it will appear in the larger box and be the one applied to the selected item(s) in the Dorico project when you click OK. Also, in the crayon palette, the crayon will animate and the name of the color will appear above the crayons except if the color was chosen in another “color range” (the 5 icons across the top of the Colors window). There are 20 smaller boxes, so you can “remember” up to 20 “favorite” colors. To delete a color from the “favorites”, click on its box and press Delete. I have noticed that deleting a color does not always work in some applications.


Very useful! Exactly what I was looking for.

The only point which doesn’t seem to work is:

|Also, in the crayon palette, the crayon will animate and the name of the color will appear 
| above the crayons except if the color was chosen in another “color range”

The colors I’ve used originally were taken by clicking on crayons, not from the RGB palette.
However, even when I highlight my colorized notes/text, and get the large color box to the left
bottom of the Color window, and transfer its color to one of the smaller boxes, the original crayon
is never animated,
and the original crayon name does not appear. Any input?

One more thing I noticed: the pen at the lower left produces a magnifying glass which seems
to be the exact type of digital color meter suggested by @Mark_Johnson,
but built into Dorico.

I’d still like to simply use crayons, save the colors, and actually see the name of the crayon
previously I used.

Ignore! I see the animation of the crayon now. (It doesn’t shake around, it just pops up.)

Definitely would be useful for these features to be highlighted in a future release of the manual.