Identifying/Filtering Out Unwanted Controller Events?

For some reason, I’m noticing that in more than one VST. I’m getting sudden changes in volume… ie. the Expression level is changing, seemingly on its own. I can’t see any Expression changes when I look in the List Editor, but for example I can see the Expression Slider moving up and down during playback in Vienna Symphonic. And also, I can hear the volume get quiet randomly during playback of Ivory piano.

My guess is that the source may be my old CME UF8 MIDI keyboard. When I play it, I can see the Expression Slider in Vienna jumping up and down as I press harder on the keyboard—even though Aftertouch is disabled.

Perhaps something is somehow mistakenly getting ‘recorded’ in the background?

Is there a way to figure out where these controller messages are coming from and filter them out?




Use any MIDI Monitor application (MIDI-OX for Windows) to find out, where does the data come from.

Some VSL Instruments also react to other then CC11 as an Expression (CC1 Modulation or other). Check also these CCs.