identifying the signature and tempo detection

Trying to create a remix of song
I am importing the song to cubase and trying to detect the tempo
is there a way to detect time signature as well. I mean if the song is in 6/4 detecting tempo at wrong project signature (say 4/4) would not give correct tempo? right
would appreciate help with how to import the song and kick-start the remix process by detecting correct tempo and time signature.



Unfortunately, there is no way to detect the Time signature. After the Tempo detection, 1/4 is always set and you have to set it manually. But tempo is not really time signature related.

More over in the Tempo Detection dialog, you have the 2/3 option. That is useful, when triplets are used in the music. Cubase could detect these as a beats, but when you know, these are triplets, you can change it.