Idiot "ding" request?

I frequently find myself trying to use Write shortcuts in Engrave mode and vice versa. Yes, this is dumb, but when I’m in a good compositional space, I’m not always paying enough attention. As I always try to minimize time actually spent looking at the screen to work faster, sometimes I’ll find I’ve used a bunch of shortcuts or attempted to enter Write items or notes and nothing has actually happened. Instead of doing nothing at all when the user asks the program to do something that is not possible, it would be great (for me anyway) to have the option of an audible ding that basically tells the user “hey idiot, pay attention, you are asking me to do something that isn’t possible.” The current way of just doing nothing allows me to enter multiple commands that do nothing in sequence, sometimes resulting in quite a bit of lost time. I realize most people might not want this feature turned on, but I definitely would like to request an “idiot ding” to alert the user when an non-executable command is given, rather than the current default of just doing nothing.

How long have you been using Dorico for? Because I would suggest that this is a problem that will be solved on its own…

It might would be useful to avoid things like “oops, I’m in Engrave mode and just tried to enter some notes.”

But a more obvious indication of the mode (different paper colours for write and engrave?) might stop the errors before you make them, instead of after.

Another problem is that things like Shift S and Shift F (which I often press in the wrong mode) do different things in each mode, rather than not working.

I have programmed Metagrid to change mode before applying a break, when I remember to use it.

8-9 months, but the problem actually is worse in some places where my speed has improved and Dorico can’t keep up with my typing. Chord symbol input is one area in particular, where after hitting space to advance to the next chord, Dorico sometimes misses the root if I type too fast. There are lots of other situations where popovers just do nothing if I mistype. I can’t remember exactly what situations Finale uses an idiot ding, but I’ve been a Finale user for 25 years and it still dings at me occasionally, and it of course is a modeless program so there isn’t the issue of being in the wrong mode.

Any time a user is entering a command, they are expecting an action from Dorico. As I try to look at the screen only as frequently as necessary in order to work as fast as possible, I’m assuming any command I give is correctly executed. At no time will I ever enter a command expecting nothing at all to happen, so if I enter something that is not possible, whether into a popover or just a shortcut, it would be beneficial if Dorico could provide some sort of audible feedback that I have issued a command that isn’t possible. Ideally this would be a checkbox in Preferences so if the user prefers not hearing a ding and just wants continue with Dorico doing nothing in these situations, that’s fine too.

Forget the “ding.” I suggest a few seconds of hilarious laughter, as in “you want to do what?!”
That’s instead of doing nothing. Where the program does something different than what you planned, I think an evil peal of laughter would be an addition.

I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that. This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.


I’m sorry Dave, I’m not going to give you your double barline when you type |\ instead of ||, but I’m not going to warn you either. In fact, I’m content to just do nothing.

'Tis nice to have some feedback, instead of looking to see what the heck you did to your project (even if it did nothing). Also, you’d automatically know if that keystroke was available for custom use.

Would need some sort of delay, bearing in mind that you can have keyboard shortcuts that are multiple keys in a row (no, not modifier keys).

“More cowbell”?