If anyone can answer quickly _ thank you!

Hi – I use Nuendo 10 on a windows 7 system due to compatibility with teh SSL MX4 MADI interface — I bought the upgrade to Nuemdo 13 and the elicenser wants me to upgrade the license before today- – I want to know that my elicenser will still allwo Nuendo 10 to open after it has authorised the Nuendo 13 purchase? Can anyone help?

thanks a lot

Yes. The license on the eLicenser will be updated to Nuendo 11 because that’s the last version using the old licensing system. You can still use Nuendo 10 with the Nuendo 11 license on the dongle.
Nuendo 13 uses the new licensing system and is activated via the Activation Manager. It doesn’t require the eLicenser.

Ah wonderful, Martin - thank you very much for the clarification!