If C8 is performing great for you, please list your machine

If C8 is performing great for you, please list your machine specifics plus any tweaks you have made to your system.

This will be a big help for people who are having the opposite experience to learn why. Please be specific with especially video card and driver rev if you are on Windows. Since Steinberg has made fundamental changes to the way video and windows are handled I believe much of the issue for people having poor performance relates to specific video card and driver.

This is one way this forum can really make a difference for users.


MacPro 2013 6-Core (“trashcan”), Yosemite - Cubase 8 works fantastic. I think about 30-40% better than 7.5.3.

Hi all,

System details in my sig.

Apart from the little niggles reported across the forum, the only real problem for me has been the VST Connect SE failure, and apparently that is being addressed in the first patch.

As far as my system is concerned, no tweaks, I just installed the latest drivers and all good.

Jim B

System specs in signature below. Windows tweaks as per the following site:


There are a couple of tweaks I don’t do, like the processor scheduling one and disabling startup items. However, disabling C states, and any CPU/Component throttling in the BIOS greatly improves performance.

OP you have a great sense of humour! they somehow broke the MCU functionality so mackie control surfaces dont work.
this is a total show stopper imo. isnt a new version supposed to build on the previous working versions? reintroduce old problems in new versions? frankly i cant believe this. ive gone back to 7.5.30 which works. sorry i gave them my money it sure wont happen again!

“we are devo - d-e-v-o”

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4850
SO: Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit (I don’t use Microsoft Update since many years, maybe this is the reason that everything is rock solid…).

Aero is on since ever, no problem at all (less the flash when open new windows, but… that’s a feature, right? :laughing:)

Merry Xmas!

The motherboard is probably more important than the CPU, GPU and OS combined.

On the contrary, do get ALL the windows updates, as well as updates for all drivers needed to run the devices connected to your system. Believe it or not, not updating Windows has cause serious problems to a couple of people in this forum (at least that I know of) when running Cubase 8. I would advice against skipping them.

Aloha guys just to chime in,

Still having start -up probs (appox once in every four trys).

But once up and running, C8P is as solid as a rock; both
‘au natural’ and with 3rd party stuff.

Definitely more efficient than C7.5.

All older projects (across the board) use slightly less cpu juice.

See sig for specs.

Good Luck!

Running smoothly here. Specs in signature. I would like to mention that, of course, CPU speed and RAM are important but for stability, it is probably MORE important what other software is on the computer and what peripherals are plugged in. One should not assume because they have a powerhouse computer that it will run Cubase well. If they install 100 third party “boo-tweek” plug-ins from ten years ago, have a bunch of software installed that constantly checks for updates to itself and for hardware to be plugged in so that it can automatically launch a program (printers and cameras and scanners and such) or if they have multiple MIDI or USB controllers, surfaces, or other hardware plugged in, then they are more likely to experience problems.

Machine specs in signature. All is well here… no issues.

C8P’s running great here after a few hiccups with certain VST’s but by the third try, all is well…that ends well!

Spec in signature

i7 -3770k - Z77 p8 pro ( recommended by Steinberg ) Runs blisteringly fast with no hiccups because it’s lean with no internet and no old freebees . All drivers up to date , all windows updates install and she a beaut !

Running stable here.

Spec as signature

Been hassle free right from install here.

Haven’t really noticed any quicker launch times nor project loading times, performance meter marginally better.

Nice one.

Running smoothly. Specs in sig.

I did find a possible bug with disabled tracks. Workaround for me was to avoid the feature. It’s not clear if it’s an actual Cubase bug or just a 3rd party plugin issue, but it’s certainly not system related, so “running smoothly” applies here.

My drivers are always updated, but I use third part servers (AMD, Ati, etc) for my devices, but NEVER Microsoft Update. I don’t need to fix something that works fine in my Win 7. So, if my OS doesn’t seem to have issues, I don’t keep on at all the Microsoft Update service.
That’s my opinion and I never had issues with older or newer Cubase versions. Time is giving reason to me. Maybe I’m just a lucky guy. :slight_smile:

I have been maticulous about what is installed on my PC Workstation and kept a proper documented install log.

My PC is a pro built Scan 3XS system OC 4930K 32GB Ram SSD for OS and samples HD for projects and back-up.

Cubase Pro 8 installed perfectly and is running smoothly without issues except those noted by Steinberg.

The GUI is way snappier that 7.5 and the ASIO is massively better on my system than 7.5

All in all C8.0 is very stable and a pleasure to work in, I can’t imagine ever opening 7.5 again!

I renamed my Cubase 7.5 preference folder temporarily when installing C8 so that it didn’t pull up any preferences from it.

I am now doing something just crazy!

Connected my recording PC to the internet and downloading Windows updates.

Of course I backed it all up before. :slight_smile:

Will give results.

Holy hell, it has been a few years so this will take a while…

4790k ,Asus z97a, 16gb ram cl9, ssd Samsung evo, win 7 64 ultimate clean install, video integrated. Rme pci 9632 pci cars, uad 2 quad card. still testing but seem stable at 64 buffer.

I had really bad times on early days due these reasons:

  • usb licencer on usb 3.0 port (better use a 2.0 version), even for my ilok 2.
  • software running/installed without administrator right.
  • no trashed preference folder (really really important! I’ve builded my new daw exactly 2 days before cubase 8 has launched , the first exe has been a nightmare) .

I think that it’s dangerous to continue to use a corrupted project, I mean one that had “an error occurs,please save…” ok, I prefere to load a backup version (even if I’ve lost something…a good take, or a setting) cause the saved one tends to block cubase.

Random cpu spikes when I zoom in/out or doing editing…but I’m not the only one, should be related to some bad plug ins.

Working on a mid project (50% asio load) for 2 days, zero issues!