If Dorico had Dorico...

And if Sibelius had been using Sibelius, he might have realized he initially had the horn section playing at the wrong pitches in the 5th symphony last movement and wouldn’t have had to re-write the whole symphony to fix it and pretend it was simply a total revision!

Pretty good mate, I’ll look forward to seeing it complete :slight_smile:

Now if we can just find a printer that doesn’t jam when trying to print on velum.

Building a custom robot that can use a quill pen seems like a nice project for somebody :slight_smile:

Why isn’t this feature already included (in SE)?! :angry:

I happened to search for threads that mentioned the term ‘custos’ and wanted to mention that I’ve had this edition printed on 11x17" paper hanging on my office wall ever since you posted this, Ben. It is still so very lovely.