If Dorico is launched no way start Cubase Pro 11

Cubase team hello,
There is a strange bug with Cubase Pro 11, which didn’t happen with the previous versions.
When Dorico Pro is launched first, there is no way to star Cubase Pro 11 next. I was able to have them both with version 10.0.
When I’m trying to launch Dorico after Cubase 11, I’m always getting this error:
Dorico After Cubase 11 Bug.png
I hope this could be fixed somehow! :slight_smile: Sometimes I need them both running.

P.S: Most probably the issue is eLicenser Control app related?!

Best regards,

I moved from Cubase 10 to Cubase 11 also and have had some problems with Cubase Pro 11 freezing or crashing. I modified the configuration of my audio interface (different from what I was using in Cubase 10), and it has more or less cleared up. I also had to cycle the power on my interface between testing different configurations, because once it was messed up it would cause Cubase to lock up.


this is my problem that i have now its bs in my opinion