If eLicenser Dongle remains - - I want one with storage on it (as a different store purchase option)

That way:

-I could keep a Cubase installer on it
-my favourite plugin installers
-my favourite samples
-my AutohotKey scripts
-My Cubase AppData/Document preferences and presets, key commands
-my Cubase templates
-PLE presets
-Session documentation
-track pictures

big plus if you can work with Ilok to do iLok auths through elicenser, and or combine them onto the same dongle.


This is like to ask to combine Pro Tools and Cubase to one software, sorry. USB-eLicenser and iLok are the competitors.

Interesting perspective, I would have thought friends - unless Steinberg plans to open up elicenser to 3rd party auth…


USB-eLicenser is open for 3rd party. Here is the list of companies, whose are using it:

  • Vienna Symphonic Library
  • refX
  • Waldorf
  • XILS Audio
  • Vengeance sound
  • VirSyn Software
  • Eleco
  • 1 App Design
  • Algorithmix
  • First InVision
  • Neoduction S.L.

In the past also KORG and Arturia was using it.


oh interesting, I never knew that!