If I buy cubase 6, can I obtain Cubase 5 disks for free?

I’m really keen on C6 despite some reports but have a laptop that runs XP, and I’d like to know if Steinberg can ship the full set of C5 disks to reinforce the relationship between customer and proprietor (rather than asking the distributor for example).


I’m not aware of Steinberg doing that. I believe you have to go through the distributer, but have not personally tried. That being said, all reports that I have read indicate that C6 runs fine on XP.



Unfortunately I ended my trial prematurely by changing the system clock accidentally, and as windows won’t sync to the time server the eLc cannot validate the usage period even though the time is correct on the local system.

That said, while C6 did work on XP, it (for me) was very slow to load but on Vista it’s a killer.

As for disks if there would be a nominal fee I’d be happy to pay it since I’m sure it (c5) would work better on XP.


C5 does work well on XP. At least the studio version does.

I second that, cubase 5 works excellently on XP and a great thanks must go to steinberg for the update.

Personally compared to C6 I feel like I’m using windows 3.1 compared to 95 but as for the program itself very solid.