If I buy Dorico 4 with an education discount, can I use it commercially?

Hi, I’m Daniel and am new to composing. I am currently in Highschool and am looking at getting Dorico 4 with the student/education discount. Would this limit my use with the program commercially? Specifically, I would be writing a piece for a symphony, and they would be publicly performing it, although I would not be getting any royalties for it.

Welcome to the forum, Daniel. Technically there is a restriction in our end-user license agreement against commercial use if you buy an education license, but in practice there is no way for us to enforce this clause, and in any case, as soon as you subsequently buy an update to a later version, your license becomes a full retail license at that point with no restrictions.

You are definitely permitted to write your piece for a symphony orchestra. Good luck with it! Do come back and let us know how you get on.

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Thank you so much! I’ll probably go ahead and get the discount and upgrade in the future. Thanks again, and I’ll report back when I’m all done with the piece!

Doesn’t sound very commercial to me!! :rofl: First rule of being a pro: always ask for a fee!

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Hey forum designers! Could we have a laugh button as well as a love button?


Welllll, I probably would normally, but this can be seen as more of a contest that multiple people are in. The organization that I am will select a couple of us, and we get to compose a piece, and our “payment/reward” is that they premier it for us! So I’d say that’s worth it

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