If I Create Group Channel for All Backup Vox...is it Mono?

Hi, I’ve got a bunch of layered backing vocals that I’m thinking of creating a Group Channel track for in the MixConsole. Obviously, my vocals were all recorded on mono tracks…does this mean I should create the Group Channel track for them in mono as well?

Depends - are they panned differently?

They arent panned yet but i probably will pan them differently… in that case I should make it stereo yes?

Basically. If you’re using any stereo effects, you’d want to use a stereo group channel…just be aware of whatever pan law you’re using. Some people like to keep the lead/a single vox to it’s own mono channel. You could also try using some m/s processing on your vox group…it’s (way) cool.


Yes you would want stereo if you are planning on panning the individual tracks. If you send to a mono you lose the ability to pan on the individual tracks.

Thank you

Can you explain more what m/s processing is please? I’m always interested in “way cool” techniques! :slight_smile:

Stands for Mid/Side.

Instead of balancing the left and right (panning), you are balancing the mid (L+R) common-mode signal with the side (L-R) differential signal.

Basically, you use it to change the level of the main vocals (typically) or a lead instrument relative to the other instruments.

It is an essential tool if you ever need to fix up stereo mixes if you cannot get to the individual sources.