If I crossgrade from Cubase Pro 11 to Nuendo 11

If I crossgrade from Cubase Pro 11 to Nuendo 11 Even if I have received Free upgrade from Cubase pro 11 to Cubase Pro 12 & Will the Cubase Pro 12 still work even If I will crossgrade it…My Cubase Pro 11 is showing Non Upgradable

You activated your update from 11. Now you own 12. So you can cross-grade from 12. I think you trade in your C12 license, but that info is surely on the web site, and you should double check that you have the authoritative answer.

Of course, you do not get an entire free license that you can use to make further upgrade/crossgrade purchases when the system switched over

If you go through with the cross-grade, you end up with a non-resellable non-upgradeable Cubase 11 license on yoru USB key, and a Nuendo 12 license in your Stienberg Licensing account.

But there in crossgrade option Cubase 12 is not showing that’s why it is confusing, It is showing from Cubase 4 till Cubase 11 only to crossgrade

Well, I guess that means they are not yet offering that promo.

So I think I can crossgrade from Cubase Pro 11

Why do you think that?

Because they are showing Cubase Pro 11 on crossgrade page & if I am not wrong all the Cubase Pro 11 who purchased after Nov 12 are eligible for the Cubase Pro 12 upgrade so why they are showing Cubase 11 & not showing Cubase 12…They have to make it clear about this issuebecause it’s so confusing or You can say it Misleading…

But you already used your activation and received and update Cubase 12.

You no longer have a license to be updated. It’s perfectly clear. It’s you who are trying to use some convoluted logic to convince yourself otherwise.

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Then How can I crossgrade from Cubase 12 if there is any option available which I am not seeing there

We have come full circle in this convo :rofl: