If I filter chord symbols in the score, change their color to "transparent", select all and "Propagate Properties"....

…shouldn’t they disappear in the Parts also? Right now they DO NOT, meaning I have to manually hide them in every single part once more (which seems like a needless extra step). I also tried selecting them in the Properties panel in the Score and choosing “Hide Symbols” and Propagating THAT, but no dice. Thanks for any clarification/suggestions!

  • D.D.

Unfortunately you can’t propagate properties for chord symbols in this way for boring technical reasons (they are system-attached, but appear in multiple places down the system, and each instance can have its own properties; the way that these instances are identified means that they are unique from one layout to another, so we will have to add some further special cases to try to achieve this, which we haven’t done).

In the forthcoming update you will have better tools to select chord symbols quickly, via a new “select more” command, and there will also be a command that you can bind to a key command that will hide chord symbols (and time signatures and playing techniques, at present the only items with dedicated ‘Hide’ properties).

Excellent - looking forward!

For some reason Propagate Properties with chor symbols works pretty random since the latest update, 2.1.10, and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
Sometimes they hide in the score and sometimes not. If I change my mind and want the chords visible again it’s not possible at all. (except for manually unhiding them in both part and score…)

When hiding chords I do as I’ve always done: Hide in properties -> select the Signposts -> Propagate properties. I can’t remember having this issue in the earlier versions.

Propagate Properties didn’t exist before Dorico 2.1, so this can’t be what you’ve always done…

Propagate Properties didn’t exist before Dorico 2.1, so this can’t be what you’ve always done…

I’m sorry for being unclear. Of course I mean that period between 2.1 and 2.1.10. :ugeek: