If i had one wish..


If i had one wish for cubase it would be this:

Proper midi and audio recording/playback…

Thats all really…

(For all configurations…-> midi going out through cubase usb and recording audio back into cubase etc… Any kind of weird configuration that u can think of-> consistency… (No drifting of recordings etc - like once 100 samples record shift, and repeating the same recording process 1:1 results in 190 samples recordshift, and all inbetween recording timing warble and jitter…)
No excuses.

Just something that works… With precision like a freaking atomic clock and consistency like 1+1=2.
(None of this 1+1=3 until we believe it)

Thats all…

A solid core.

Please please please in the name of god.

Thanks & lots of love:)

Edit: oh, and any and all of the other wishes that i have posted in this subforum:p (lol)

MIDI is not sample accurate, there always will be some drift.
Some of it is dependent on how the OS handles midi, the midi in win10 got some tweaks that should reduce jitter.
Probably only in daw’s using the new midi API however.
I’m all for accuracy, wherever and however it’s possible, but with anything midi it will not happen.
A replacement for midi is not going to happen in my lifetime.