If I sell my UR824, can I give the Cubase AI 6 licence?

I’m thinking of selling my UR824 before my trip to buy another one once I’m on Germany.

My question is, if I sell this UR824, is it possible to give the Cubase Ai 6 licence that came with my unit to my buyer?


Do the resale wizard. It knows all. :wink: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/resale_wizard_software/registered.html

At first it is necessary to separate the license of the program you are planning to sell from the other license(s) stored in the Soft-eLicenser. For this purpose the eLicenser Control Center is providing the possibility to transfer licenses from Soft-eLicenser to USB-eLicenser.

That means losing the ability to move without my dongle :frowning:

Another go to this (since I buyed the new one but not sold the ur824)

Theres NO WAY to give my UR824 with his AI licence right?