If I try to activate a license I get: “Too many activations!”

After messing around with migrating license WL11.1 to Steinberg license I got another problem:
Now my C12 and D4 licenses on this MBPro/Silicon/Monterey seems to be there (as Website says) but when I start these programs no license ist seen.
Starting SAM indicates “No license” bur if I try to activate one of them comes “Too many activations!”.
S.t. must me completely messed up with these licenses.

Is it possible to reinstall the SAM completely?
With another user on my Mac SAM will not start with a GUI so s.t. must be messed up with the SAM.

I found no documentation to reinstall the SAM completely .

Because it’s a daemon it’s probably not sufficient to drag the app into trash.
I tried to just install it again but this didn’t change something.

How do I delete it completely and then install it again?

  1. About SAM

Because SAM ist working as daemon there are these effects if different instances are started from different users on macOS.

  1. About activations
    I think licenses are eaten after some moderate changes on the macOS (i.e. os update) . So you have to activate again and occasionally run out of free activations. After opening a ticket the support killed some old activations manually and all was ok.
    Steinberg licensing system still has to learn more specifically what a changed system is. Future will be better…