If I try to replace an ornament, I get two

A note has a tr marking. I select it, press enter, and type shorttr. Enter.
I would expect the tr to disappear, and the shorttr to appear, but instead I get both ornaments.
Why? What is the recommended way to replace an ornament?

Sorry if this has been asked, I have searched but not found anything.


This is how playing techniques behave at present. If you open the editor, it does not replace, but adds an additional one.

This was discussed a week or so ago. I said then that I don’t think it’s intuitive. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…


Aha, so if I do shift+O it will replace… But only with certain ornaments it seems. If I have a shorttr a mordent will replace, but a tr will get added. I will look for the previous thread. Thank you Dan.