If I update from Cubase 8 will my old songs still play in the new version?

Hi Everyone, I have been operating Cubase 8 Pro for quite a few years now, with a PC running Windows 7. My question is this: if I were to upgrade to Cubase 12, and buy a new PC with 64-bit Windows 10 to run it all on, would the new set-up still play old my old songs which I recorded on the old set-up?
Many thanks in advance - and help and advice would be very much appreciated.

Hi Tom
If you back up all your projects , make sure all audio and midi files are present . The only thing you will need to do is make sure all plugins used are 64 bit and can reinstall them in Cubase 12 for your projects to open . Also some Vsti’s have been removed so it really depends on what your projects contain


If your current system is 32-bit, you might have a problems with the 3rd party plug-ins.

In any case, if you have 64-bit system, you can download Cubase 12 Trial and try it out with your specific projects.

Also you will still be able to run older versions of Cubase up to 11.5 by using the dongle. So it’s probably worthwhile to keep an older version (or four in my case) installed. Then if you do encounter plug-in compatibility issues you can open it in an older version and render the Track to audio.