If i upgrade to Cubase 5 can i still run Studio 4?

Hello all,

Sorry as sure this has been raised already, i have read a couple of post about this topic but just want to be clear.

I have two PC’s I use, one a desktop and one a Laptop. I currently have studio 4 and am thinking of upgrading to either studio 5 or Cubase 5.

I would like to be able to retain the use of studio 4 (as i have projects open and I know this is stable for me) on my laptop.
As I read it the only way i would be able to do this is if i get studio 5. If I upgrade to Cubase 5 I will no longer be able to run the studio version of the software, as it is a different Family so to speak.

Is this correct?.

If so, a couple of questions:
Is this the same true if I upgrade to Cubase 4 (I can then no longer run the Studio version of the software)?.

If I first upgrade to studio 5 and then to the full version of cubase 5 (meaning I would have purchase both the studio and full versions of cubase 5) could I then run the studio version of the software?.

You will ask why I would need to but am just confused about how these licences work. As I say I would really like to retain my studio 4 version and upgrade to cubase 5, so in short is this possible.

Thanks for reading.


Thanks Thinkingcap,

i thought that would be a little silly.
so i will get a new serial in the box, i update my dongle and then install Cubase 5 to a new directory and run either cubase studio 4 or cubase 5 as i see fit?. thats great.

It was different some time ago, but as long as you use the latest e-licenser software, it now works as you say.

Cheers Thinkingcap.