If I upgrade to Nuendo 12, can I keep running my current Nuendo 10.3 alongside it?

As the question says, basically I would want to be able to continue to run Nuendo 10.3 even if and after I upgrade to Nuendo 12.
Can I do that ?
In other words, Nuendo 10.3 executable should be able to run separately even if I upgrade to Nuendo 12 without being overwritten.
Could someone please confirm if that will work smoothly ?

On why I would want that, it’s because Steinberg has apparently killed some instruments such as Mystic, Spector, etc., in Nuendo 12. So to run projects having these, I would want to be able to run Nuendo 10.3 separately from Nuendo 12.
In any case, I would want 10.3 alongside 12 as a safety measure.
Any and all feedback appreciated in advance :slight_smile:

The answer is simply, yes, you can continue to run previous versions of Nuendo that you actually owned and had licenses for prior to upgrading to Nuendo 12, absolutely. I still need Reason via rewire from time to time on older projects using previous versions of Nuendo to do so.


You keep all versions as separate softwares, personally I have Nuendo 7,8,10.3,11,12 :slight_smile:
Until Nuendo 12 it was not very useful because projects made on previous versions were obviously compatible.
But in this new version, some VST instruments have disappeared : LoopMash , Mystic, Prologue, Spector :frowning:
So to play, modify (musical) projects using these plug’s, you will have to use a previous version.


Thanks. That’s so good to know.

Thanks !
Exactly what I was looking for !
This was important for me to know to decide whether I should upgrade to Nuendo 12 or not.

A follow up query…
Would it still be necessary to retain the USB licenser to run Nuendo 10.3 on upgrading to Nuendo 12 OR would I be able to move my 10.3 license to Steinberg’s Online licenser if and once I upgrade to 12 ?

Yes you can but you’ll still need your dongle to run older applications and content that are not moved to SAM by Steinberg yet.

So for example anything older than C12, (at this point).

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Thanks !
That answers my question on the USB licenser too.