? if Mackie MCU PRO control suface works with Wavelab 8

Hi wondering if anybody has any experience to know if Mackie MCU works with wavelab, as a transport controller- It doesn’t seem to respond when I turn it on. Under remote devices it only list options for mcu pro V3.1 which the model I have is v4.0. I appreciate anybody’s feedback if they have tried this, Cheers. Nate

I use a QconPro as a transport controller that is MCU with no problems. I don’t think the version of the Mackie should matter for such basic functions such as the transport controls.

Probably you do not need to add markers, to navigate with markers, show time code, zoom, undo, redo, save, revert…

But this is what I am missing since Wavelab 5 was released with MIDI remote support. There is no proffesional MIDI support.