If network down when booting computer Cubase gets dropouts hourly - no other audio related software


On the hour of uptime of computer (+1-2s) you get serious crackles in Cubase audio engine - to the degree audioengine restart(can be seen in process explorer how 7 threads are restarted).
This continues - every hour - all day long.

Since so much in Cubase seems to rely on that being online - news in hub, any help from Cubase etc - this is probably why not tracked down.
If playback - when this hourly appear - just the crackle, but embarrising if anybody else is here in studio.
If recording - when this hourly appear - that stops - and you get the dropouts dialog.
This means redoing that take!!!

Troubleshooted this now for almost three weeks - 5-6 hours a day - since I know when it happends.

This is what I found:

If network and internet is down - when computer boots - this happends only in Cubase.

So testing where it happends if offline
Cubase elements 7
Cubase Pro 8
Cubase Pro 9.5

No other audio related software has a problem offline
Not Sonar
Not Reaper
Not PowerDirector - video editor
Not Foobar2000 - audio player
Not Windows Mediaplayer

So to reproduce - I experience as lifelong programmer(now retired) a couple of things regarding networks in PC
a) if never any power to network card cable rj45 connector - like not even a router is up - that produce one level of error in software
b) if there were power to network cable - like router up at boot - and now down - this produce another level of error for software.

so both these mentioned conditions is a problem for Cubase.

So power up computer with network cable out - is probably easiest to reproduce.
And look in Task Manager - Performance tab - uptime - when it pass the hour uptime - +1-2s - this happends - all day long.
Playing back or recording in Cubase.
Having performance monitor in Cubase up will show a clipping(red peak bar realtime).
You can even let Cubase idle - no transport running - and realtime will show a peak.
Outside this hourly thingy - I have not a pop even - not ever - real stable audio always.

So Cubase hook into some kind of system event callback - that affect audio engine - is my diagnose.
I’m always offline with computer unless installing stuff on daw computer - so a real problem.

I have hub off - so not getting the news stuff or anything - at least that is unchecked.
Tested with ASIO guard on/off - does not matter.
Tested higher ASIO buffers - does not matter.
Autosave - is always off.

Mostly importing old project from other daws the last years - I just figured this was auto-save feature still there, even though that is off.
I lived with these crackles all the time - thinking what is going on?
Now doing more recordings in the last 6 months - I decided to get to the real problem here - since I have to redo takes due to these dropouts.

My computer specs are in signature below. Had computer since 2010 - and been flawless in every audio situation running every daw(some not tested since uninstalled like StudioOne, Samplitude, Mixcraft etc). None have given these crackles - only Cubase.

Weird. I’m offline as well but have never experienced dropouts the way you describe. Sounds like Cubase is trying to call home. The only idea I have is removing the hub from the components folder completely.

Thanks for comment.
Sound like an interesting idea - I already tried uncheck various VST Connect and stuff among “More…” settings in studio, but will look if to rename something else in components to be sure nothing is loaded. There were two things “some SE” also that I unchecked - seemed related to communications.
Good input thank you.

I have nothing else installed on this computer - solely used for daw and video editing. Uninstalled everything I can think off.

I updated an old Cubase Elements 8 on a laptop yesterday - and will try and see if it occur there too.
I can run laptop both wireless and cable - and will see how that inflict on how network is perceived.

Good luck :wink:

Thank you.
I think euconadapter also is network stuff, as I recall, but cannot uncheck it - and not sure what happends if I remove the dll?
hostchannelacces.dll I renamed but it is load anyway - seems also like something VST System link or something?

euconadapter is just needed for Avid Artist/Pro controllers - https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/content_and_accessories/downloads_eucon.html
As long as you don’t use one you should be safe to remove that dll (or move it to a different folder).

Should also apply to goproremoteski, headtracking, hubservice, videoengine, vstconnect - if these are functions you do not use.

No idea what hostchannelaccess does.

Many thanks for your ideas.
Euconadapter - since network based, I figured it might be a good thing to remove it. EUCON is over ethernet, I think.
If a “bug” in that it is too resourcehungry if not network up - that it would be part of issue.

Some of those, I cannot uncheck inside Cubase settings, not sure why.

Will try just move away stuff, or if there is a config file - xml - somewhere that hold this to remove.
Since there are checkboxes - but not available to change - guess it’s not hardcoded into Cubase.

Where do you check/uncheck things inside Cubase? I’m not aware of that possibility at all :slight_smile:

I just go to C:/Programs/Steinberg/Cubase10/Components and move the unused stuff to ‘park’ it in another folder, that way it doesn’t get loaded in the first place.

Stumbled over that components folder while trying to improve the FLS slot dilemma (a whole different issue https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=283&t=147179), think the tip to remove unused dlls even came from a Steinberg moderator here in the forum.

On Studio menu there is More Options then System Components Information and a dialog with a number of tabs.
You can uncheck stock plugins you don’t use and more - clean up a bit not having to browse all sorts of things.

I moved FLS Checker from 99 free, to 104 so far.

I put a few dll’s in recycle bin right now, eucom and videoengine etc.

Ah, found it. Seen it before. Haven’t visited that menu for years :slight_smile:

Well, sometimes when you are bored - you can go on a menu-hike in Cubase - and you find stuff.
Alternative to solitaire or something :smiley:

I always wondered when to turn off midi plugins you never use etc.
Went through stock plugins in plugin manager as well.

Nowadays I try to force myself to use some of them as they are really good compared to the old days of Reverb A and B :laughing: