If Nuendo is the 'home of dialogue' why still no 'Fill'....like PT?


Can’t quite believe Nuendo STILL lacks a dedicated ‘paste roomtone fill between two bits of dialogue’ function, as PT has had since the Stone Age. None of the macros I’ve tried manage to make this essential DX edit workflow easy and it’s hugely frustrating. Had high hopes for N13, but…no.

Am I missing the big picture? Is there a secret handshake I need to be shown to get Nuendo to do this simple thing? :roll_eyes:



Which PT function are you talking about specifically? Can you give the exact function name and/or key command?

hi Mattias - the command is Paste To Selection (Option+Command+V)

quick and easy way to take a long file (e.g. clean room tone from a DX track), and paste it to fill gaps between clips with dialogue on them. You simply highlight the gap you want to fill, press Option+Command+V and bingo - the function automatically sizes the ‘fill’ to the length of the gap, making it easy to stitch together a scene that uses different takes.

Using Loop Fill in N12 doesn’t work (at least not for me) in anything like a quick and easy way, and experimenting with creating macros hasn’t got me any closer to success. Would love to find a solution to this…

I used to have a fill macro that used an adjacent track to get roughly the same thing working. It would basically mean pasting the fill to the adjacent track and then using movement to event boundaries as well as up/down and selection and copy-past / crossfade. But it basically meant filling the area on the adjacent track first so more than one action. But it is an approach you could look into.

As an example; I have a macro that I use for bleeping curse words. I have my curses on a separate curse track and below that the bleep track with tone. I copy the tone and then have a macro that ends up pasting and trimming the tone to fill the same length as the curse. One key press only. I think it’s somewhat similar.

I think the problem with this approach is you’ll need an adjacent track with empty space.

If I can come up with a way of doing it I’ll let you know.

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People still have to do this in late 2023? :smiley:

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You’re obviously not American. It’s a very sensitive people. And litigious.


Thanks for the reply Mattias - using a separate track is certainly a workaround I should consider; anything is better than the current situation. I’m digging deeper into using key commands / macros but am still finding my feet, so hopefully time and experimentation will provide a solution.

In fact, there’s no function to automatically select an interval between two clips either (or I’ve never found one). With PT, a double-click between two clips is enough.


You should be able to create a macro for it. For example (I haven’t tried this), something like you quickly drawing a range in the space (interval) that is shorter than the space and then pressing a key to trigger a macro that moves to next event / extends end to cursor position / moves to previous event / extends range start to cursor position. One quick draw with the cursor, one key command. You could have the loop follow as well if you need that.

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There are two ways to get close:

Method 1
Set snap type menu to ‘Events’ and simply drag with the range selection tool in the gap between the two events

Method 2
Double-click on the first of the two events with the range selection tool and then trigger the following macro (make sure the track containing the event is selected too):



You can do similar in Nuendo. Simply drag the dialogue events on top of a long clean room tone event.

After doing this, if you need precisely cut room tone events or don’t want any overlaps, select Audio / Advanced / Delete Overlaps.

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Yes, I see, thank you Matthias. I’ll do that, but I wonder why it’s not in the SB toolbox. -:slight_smile:

@cmOUT I think you missed my post above… see method 2.

And Crossfades

For crossfades, select all the events and press X.

P.S. on the other subject of a macro please see method 2 above.

Yes, I read it next in order. Thanks, Stingray.


Another way of doing this (one less command, but achieving the exact same results) is:

Transport-Locate Selection End
Edit - l.eft Selection Side to Cursor
Edit - Enlarge Range to next event

(still have to double click the first event with range tool first)

I never figured out a way to do it from a selected event (without double clicking with range tool first). Is there a way to create a range from a selection?

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wow, so many folks taking the time to share their solutions and experience - I really appreciate it :+1:

Although not as elegant as a macro, I’m finding stingray’s ‘snap to event’ tip to be a speedy solution, using the range tool to source fill audio from a dedicated track (thanks Mattias) above. Will also see how I get on with simply dropping DX events onto a long fill event and Delete Overlaps.

At the risk of sounding churlish, I still think Steinberg should code a dedicated solution to this (a la PT’s Paste To Selection) - it’s such a basic requirement of DX editing, and for Nuendo to get to v13 without this being addressed is bonkers.

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I know. I wanted to mention the need to add crossfades after Delete Overlaps. Here, I have very similar keyboard shortcuts (d-f). In fact, I could make a macro…

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Yes, that would certainly be helpful.

In the meantime, try the following:

1 - Put a roomtone event at the very start of the chosen track and colour it Dark Blue, (for example).
2 - Double-click on the first of the two events (the one before the gap) with the range selection tool
3 - apply the following Project Logical Editor preset:

In this preset, the macro named ‘Select Gap Range’ contains:


(There may be an easier way but can’t think of one right now!)

P.S. the roomtone event must be placed on the same track as the track where you intend to fill the gaps. A key command can be assigned to the PLE preset and can be used on consecutive events in quick succession without the need to reselect an event.