If only CMC's were better. But what do I do now?

Basically Ive been looking at things that will control Cubase, my Instruments and Plugins. Im interested in the CMC range but it would seem they don’t control all plugins. Id be willing to spend some on 4-5 modules but if it doesn’t work on all my plugs (Waves etc) i just don’t see the point. I don’t want a system that half works on most of my stuff but i have to keep flicking back to the mouse and keyboard for the rest. That’s not an efficient system.

As it stands now i do everything by mouse. And i guess its what im used to. But id like to move toward a more conventional method of control. Ive looked at the SSL Nucleus and this seems ideal but waaay beyond what i can afford right now. IM not even a hundred percent if these work with all plugs on all formats. I guess id like to thing that someone could do it though.

So what do i do? Sit it out n wait for technology to move along. Maybe wait for Steinberg to get there act together and make their solution one which works for 3rd party stuff.

Or is there another solution that maybe you guys could push on me??? Id like faders and some form of level visualisation. Ideally id like control of a large selection of plugs. There just doesn’t seem to be anything on the market that doesn’t cost the earth and still ticks all boxes??

Id be grateful for your help :question:

Check out Neyrinck VControl Pro


Here is another discussion about this

I have just successfully got mine up and running today. I have to say it is quite impressive. I can jump between control of Ableton and Cubase from the comfort of my lounge and mix.

Got to love technology :smiley:


How about Bitstream X3 , heard a lot about that ???