If (re-worked)

If you take a listen, I thank you… :slight_smile:


best, Kevin

upped the bass, (hope it’s not too much now) thanks for your help Jet…

A good song and a good mix.
The harmonies are great.

Maybe up the bass a tad?

Bass is upped…hopefully not to much now… :slight_smile:

Good song Kevin, sounds great!
The bass level is fine now.


I really like this song. Good grooves, good feel.

Nice Job


This one is really good. A little more bass would be ok by me, but it’s good as it is. What I notice is the excellent singing, of course, but also the good use of reverb (I think; maybe you’re doing other tricks as well) to put instruments into the back of the mix, for example the acoustic guitar. That’s you playing it, right? You just get better and better.