If the filters are activated; but "closed" they work!

This, I CONSIDER that it is not very logical or that someone explains it to me.
Normally, by default I usually have the EQ and Channel Filters activated.

The problem: with the filters turned on but set to 20Hz and 20KHz, it turns out that they are cutting a bit of those frequencies, when they were not like this before! I already know that it was a modification that was introduced in 11.0.20 (I think I remember) but I also remember that there were several users requesting certain modifications.

Now it turns out that I have to do 4 clicks to do an action of 2.

(I attach an image)

Is there any answer why this is so and before it was not?

P.S. Now I hope that having the EQ of the channel activated but it is not being used does not make any phase change or something like that.

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