If this is my only complaint, life is good ... !

My main complaint regarding the recent versions of Cubase has been the shrinking of the Zoom Slider. :frowning:

Previous editions (up to and including Cubase 7.5) were easier to use when there was a triangle that was easier to grab and manipulate. However, beginning with Cubase 8, the triangles have since been replaced by tiny dots which require additional effort to latch onto, even with a 27-inch monitor.

I had hoped that this flaw would have been noticed and corrected; alas, 'twas not to be. Fixing this should not require the squandering of resources, and it could be made a part of a future update (soon, I hope).

This is one of those exceptional instances when going back can be an actual improvement. Please either:
a. Return the Zoom Sliders to their C7.5 and earlier size; or
b. For those who enjoy playing hide and seek with the dots, provide a choice.