If upgrade my dongle to 10.5...

Hello all, just wondering if I were to upgrade my dongle to Pro 10.5 will my older iMac that will only run Pro 10.0.x still be able to load old projects? The reason I’m asking is that I had an incident in the past when I upgraded to Pro 9.5 I was no longer able to load my older Pro 8.5 app on an even older MacBook Pro so I ended up having to ditch the old machine. I really don’t want to have to do that as I have some old projects archived on the iMac that I do not wish to move to my new Mac Mini. I really wish Steinberg would do away with the whole dongle garbage altogether. It’s freakin’ annoying, especially if old, previously working versions of the software get broken.

Al you’d probabaly have had to do wS sto update the license database oe elicenser software on your even older Mac.
And yes, with 10.5 license your Version 10.0.x should still works. Also given the micense database is up to date.

Will work even with very old cubase sx