If/when Open Type features will be added

All right, ya’ll. I’m in over my head. I need a way to input small caps versions of Č, Š and Į on a Mac.

I just recently got back to this and installed Keyboard Maestro (I had an old v. 7 license, but I didn’t really like KM, so I wasn’t using it; v. 7 of Keyboard Maestro seems to work on Mac OS 10.14 Mojave).

Following some instructions I found on the internet, I went to System Preferences > Keyboard and installed the “Unicode Hex Input” keyboard (aka input source). One is supposed to be able to hold the Option key while typing in a Unicode code and get the character. I did that with “E060” and in Minion Pro I get
Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 16.11.38
What I want is small caps Š (“s” with caron). Based on what PjotrB said about the needed characters being in the “private” range, I am pretty sure I’m not inputting them correctly. I found on the web that the “Unicode Hex Input” method supposedly only works for 4-character Unicode codes. Maybe those in the “private” range are 5-character codes?

If you have advice, I’d be grateful to hear it.

The one you want is E05F. That’s four numbers!

č is E00F, į is E036.

There are plenty of font character browsers. I think Font Book might even do it.

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Well, I think you have been given all the information you need. I showed you some font could do exactly what you want. Now it’s up to you to choose another font, providing it has all the glyphs you need.

@benwiggy, You got it! I don’t know why I could not find those codes, but I just tried the ones you supplied with the Hex Input Method, and they work! (Of course.)

However, they are the Regular font face. I forgot to mention that I need them in italic font face. I have been unable to find the codes for them. I tried to find a code table for Minion Pro, have searched the web, etc. I launched Font Book.app thinking maybe a right click on a glyph would give more info, but that didn’t work. Any more advice on where to find the code table?

Thank you very much!

š is E0B5, č is E01C, and į is E068.

One of the icons in Font Book’s window is for “Repertoire”, which shows you all the glyphs in a font. Hover over it, and you’ll get the Unicode. You may even be able to paste the glyph directly.

Otherwise, I recommend a utility like PopChar.

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@benwiggy. Thank you once again! I guess I never left the cursor over a glyph long enough to see the popup. Everything is working fine now, and I am very grateful for your help. I’ll put the needed stuff in Keyboard Maestro and be a happy camper.