If you are experiencing problems with Cubase

After reading through many post on here regarding issues/problems etc. I have made some observations and would like to (if I may) make some recommendations:

  1. Make absolutely sure you are running the properly supported version of your OS.
    With Windows 10 or 11, it would be 21H2 or higher . MAC, Big Sur or Monterey

  2. DO NOT run any 3rd party antivirus (Windows Defender should be OK)

  3. DO NOT have any other software running in the background: ie Spotify, Adobe, Dropbox,
    CCleaner etc etc. Just open them when you need them. But remove them from “startup”
    Also: Turn off things like Microsoft “News Feed” etc.

  4. Disable Wifi and network adaptors when using your DAW.

  5. Make sure your system is set to run in “High Performance” mode. Or use Cubase’s “Audio Power
    Scheme”. Experiment with “ASIO Guard”. My system is set to “Normal”

  6. Make sure your CPU is 4th gen or higher

I’m not saying Cubase 12 doesn’t have problems, it’s just that issues with your OS may be at fault
in some cases and should be addressed.

FWIW: I’m running a Windows 10 based system. Cubase 12 Pro has been running fine for me (so far)

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Thanks guys … Even though Steve “pinned” my post, it keeps “disappearing” for some reason.

There are a few additions I will make when I have more time

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Cubase 12 and forward will need those adapters enabled to be able to satisfy the licensing requirements that are no longer dependent on a local USB dongle.
( Correction, this is only upon initial activation. From the Licensing FAQ “our computer only needs to be connected to the Internet in order to sign in with your Steinberg ID and to obtain the initial activation. Thereafter your computer can remain disconnected from the internet, and your software will continue its normal operation. Running your Steinberg software does not require a constant internet connection.” )

That is wrong.

“Disable Wifi and network adaptors when using your DAW.”

Hello, I have a Tegeler creme RC and it needs ethernet to work properly, because of that Cubase 12 sometimes crashes at startup, in the middle of work in progress and almost every time I shut down. This has become a big problem for me to use Cubase 12 when it crashes all the time. Otherwise, I love working with Cubase and have no plans to change DAW but hope that you solve the problem of being connected to ethernet during work. Sincerely, Micke

Apologies and thanks for the clarification st10ss, after re-reading the licensing requirements, it is clear that Cubase does not need to maintain a constant internet connection to operate, thankfully, a welcome change.

Similar problems here with Cubase and the Creme RC. To be clear the Creme is great and works fine in a non Cubase environment, but Cubase doesn’t seem to want to behave nicely with it. Cubase is certainly more stable with Ethernet disabled.

if you’re using Eucon /Avid controllers you need to have network enabled.


Wifi adapters are really the big resource hog here. (If possible) connecting via Ethernet cable direct to your router uses much less resourses

Yes Tim… I agree

You sure the crash issue on exit is related to the ethernet adapter?

I had once dropouts on my old computer with WIN 7 and an old network card, however with newer cards and windows versions, there has never been a problem at all.

I was able to verify that for Cubase Pro 11 and 12 (Windows 10) a PC resolution of 1920x1080 is required (otherwise it is not possible to export Audio mixdown files), for the other versions of Cubase (Artist, Elements, etc.) is required a resolution of 1440x900 as indicated in the Steinberg specifications.