If you are importing musicXML from Finale be aware that...

This is a heads-up:
I imported a musicXml from Finale and had an issue where the notes were 1/16 off. I was puzzled about this but remember that I used a plug-in in Finale to make a “Beam over Barlines” in one measure. This was the problem. In Finale I removed the “Beam over Barlines” and re-exported as musicXML. After importing the new XML file into Dorico I reconnected the beams in Dorico. The result was great. I guess some XML issues can be the result of using plug-ins in Finale or maybe even Sibelius (haven’t tested Sibelius yet).

This is good to know.

The Finale documentation has a cryptic message that “Hidden tuplets created while generating beaming over barlines may corrupt the Human Playback performance”.

Presumably it’s doing some sort of “cheat” with the note rhythms to get the beaming right, and that cheat is then getting into the XML output, as well as messing up playback. Finale itself doesn’t care if the quantity of music in each bar doesn’t match the bar length - even if it gives you a warning, you can just ignore it and carry on.

That’s spot on :slight_smile: