If you change the Tempo and backup the song, how do you keep the new tempo if opened in Pro Tools?

I am assuming the Tempo track in Cubase is behind the scenes changing the tempo. Unless the other studio has Cubase, when they open the song, they will hear the song in the original speed?

If I freeze the tracks and they open the tracks in Pro Tools will that help or do I have to re-record the tracks at the faster speed?

When you export a tempo track with Cubase. It exports an XML / .smt file which can be used in other Cubase projects and you can also try to import it in protools.

Another solution is to:
Export a midi track as a file and include the tempo info. Import the midi file in protools.

If there are tempo changes you might have to export both midi and tempo tracks as a midi file. Make sure to start your protools project by importing the midi file first .

Export, batch export, and Render in Place all “freeze” any tempo changes or time stretching. It’s a good idea to use either batch export or render in place (set the top option to “As One Event”) to create “stems” that can be loaded by users of any other DAW.

I was going to “Back up a project” and put it the song on a flash drive. Then send it to the engineer who works in Pro Tools. Freezing the tracks may insure that its in the right tempo as long as putting it in linear as appose to musical?