If you ever come across this Win/RME problem...

Hi Folks,…
Last Monday I was slightly buffled by a suddenly occurring fault:
Nuendo, WL, Melodyne all worked perfectly, but there was no sound when running CD, YT or any other MediaPlayer in Win10.
RME card HDSP9652 had completely disappeared from the device manager (I/O) and win sound management.
No deleting, re-installing of the RME driver and a number of sound-related devices was successful.
A hardware check showed all in place and seated within the PC and cables. Being a proud father of a computer scientist,
I schlepped him over and bought his advice with a Pizza meal :wink: and he found it, of course…

It actually was the RME driver(s). Looked it up under Win 10s drivers and devices info.
There where 3 of them installed, dating from 2018,2019,2020. The latter I installed a short while ago,
together with the latest hardware-Flash update and without dropping a note Windows didn’t even see the Hammerfall Card, anymore.
Cure: delete all those RME drivers and RME Card and re-install. Simple, but after working with RME-drivers for nearly 18 years,
this was the first time they gave me any trouble…
Servus, Big K

Good to know!! I’m about to switch over from my RayDat Card to the external RME UFX+ (to be able to swap between my PC and its Clone should one need servicing). This information will come in very handy when I put it online! Thanks!! :smiley:

Thanks! Good to Know!


Thanks Big K, it’s helpful.

Could please tell me which RME driver version are you using?