If you had a spare 2 grand what would you buy for your setup

I would prob go for

UAD 2 solo flexi accelerator pack
ssl-xlogic-alpha-channel Mic pre
Reflection filter se one
Wavelab 7

Two grand ish what would you guys get?

Enjoy and try not to go over 2k


I have been thinking about that for a while, there’s so many things I want :slight_smile:
I’d probably invest in a rack and get a Korg Radias or Virus, and then shell out on a lexicon Reverb unit and a nice Vocal mic I have yet to decide on :slight_smile:
And I’d need a patchbay because my mixer is mostly full by now.

Thank you oh so much!!! Really, I mean it!!! My bank account is 1234-56-789-10! Thanks again!

I’ve got all the music stuff I need, if i had 2 grand I get a nice big tele-photo lens for my camera.

A couple of strippers and cages for them to dance in. :mrgreen:

I’d write a check payable to “foolomon.” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Baby grand piano!! :smiley:

(Don’t know how that’ll fit in my bedroom, though :confused: )

I would replace all my microphones with wireless ones.

Seriously though …

Stuff the corners around the room and get the acoustics sorted! The surfaces are too hard, too parallel and too naked to really help …

??? for 2K

I’d get … More Mic’s :stuck_out_tongue:


In house:
(like Split posted) more and various mics and mic pre’s.
You can never have enough because each has it’s own ‘colour’.

Out of house:
Send out (approx) four songs to be professionally mastered.

I would have the plunger gold plated so the musicians will enjoy taking care of their clogs.

What about rich uncles

I’d buy a Mojave MA200 and probably some more UAD plugs

Like Uncle Sam :laughing:

haha, not for all of it! Funnily enough the other thing I was thinking of was a small forest of microphones … yum! :sunglasses: Then again, that wouldn’t stop at 2K so … and that would only reveal more of the acoustics here! :astonished: :blush: So stuphphing it was! :laughing:

A couple of 500GB SSDs and 15 bottles of Gentleman Jack…that should last about 3 years, the ‘Jacks’ that is :wink:.

Cheers to ya,


some talent :cry: :mrgreen:

or what Mauri said :smiley:

Great answers everyone i like the stripper cage and the gold toilet plunger Ideas ha ha.

Keep em coming guys

I would get a functional and aesthetic desk to replace the banquet table I am currently using.
I have been looking at the K-1 from KK Audio.